Topic outline

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    Auburn Middle School

    "Refocusing on the Partnership:  Regular Ed & Special Ed". 

    Christina Gilley, Guylene Wood-Setzer, Lynn Mitchell, Cyndi Pitonyak - Course Instructors

  • Topic 1

    Introduction to Special Education website Scavenger Hunt:

    Go to the MCPS Special Education website by doing the following:  go to, scroll over the green Staff button and click on Curriculum Pages, then click on Special Education. 

    • What ages is MCPS required to serve?
    • Number of Disability labels in Virginia?
    • Does MCPS use the DD label?
    • Do socially maladjusted youth qualify for ED?
  • Topic 2

    Powerpoint on Characteristics of Disabilities.

     Write down 3 things that are now information for you.

  • Topic 3


    Review Powerpoint from Topic II and select 5 Instructional Strategies and reflect on how you would use that instructional strategy with a student with a disability currently in your classes. 

    • Topic 4


      Please see Attachment on "Balancing the Tray".  Below is a list of valuable resources for you.


      • Response to Intervention:  Policy Considerations and Implementation
      • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act:  Comparison of IDEA Regulations August 3, 2006 to IDEA Regulations March 12, 1999.
      • Meeting the Needs of Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing:  Educational Services Guidelines.


    • Topic 5

      Positive Behavior Support

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