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    MCPS Technology Training for New Secondary Teachers

    Technology Department

    • Introduction

      Instructional Technology Resource Teachers


      Technology Coordinators

    • MCPS ITRTs

      To reach your ITRT, click the following link for email addresses and phone numbers.   MCPS ITRTs 

      • Novell Log-in


        The Novell log-in allows you to access your saved files from any computer in your school.

        To locate your H: Drive, click on the folder icon in the tray on the Desktop screen. You H: drive is accessible at any computer in your school building.  You can not access your H: drive outside of your school building. 

        • Internet Filters


          Our Internet filter requires a separate sign-in once you are signed into Novell. Your login will be provided to you. Student accounts are filtered for their safety, per Federal law. The teacher filter is less restrictive and is designed to maximize educational use of the Internet. It is important for you not to share your username and password with anyone. 

          If you have logged into a student machine (such as in the library), it is vital that you restart the machine when you are finished using it. This clears the filter so that students must sign into the filter. 

          * Using any mobile device (iPad, smart phone) connected through the MCPS-Mobile wireless network will be filtered. 

          • Moodle


            We use two different and separate Moodle servers in Montgomery County and each has a separate login: user name and password. 

            1. MOODLE for Professional Development is used for training, professional development, and bloodborne pathogens training.

            2. MOODLE for Instruction is used by teachers to provide online resources for students, including: syllabus, rules and policies, teacher contact information, and course units materials like: handouts, links, instructions, quizzes, readings, forums for discussions, and other features.

            • Google in MCPS


              Username: novell
              Password: mcps2015 (we recommend you change this after logging in must be 8 characters or more)


              Username: novell
              Password: firstname + student number  (you can find this in Power Teacher) 

              Many students have reset their own passwords. If you need a students' password reset, ask your Media Specialist or your ITRT. 

            • ERO (Electronic Registrar Online)


            • Email/Distribution Lists


              • To access your email from school/on campus, use the Groupwise program. (Shortcut on all MCPS computer desktops)
              • To access your email from home/off campus, go to (link on all MCPS home pages)
              • Each teacher is a member of their school's email Distribution List. Individual members have rights to send e-mail to and receive e-mail from your entire school faculty.  Please use the distribution list for school-related communication only.
            • Courseware Folder


              picture of folder

              The courseware folder on the desktop contains shortcuts to the most frequently used programs available to you and your students.

              You can access all programs installed on your computer through the Start menu.

              • DeepFreeze


              • Instructional Technology Webpage


              • Internet Safety


                Schools are mandated by the state of Virginia to integrate Internet Safety into the curriculum.  Use teachable moments whenever possible! 

              • Social Media

                Professional vs. Personal Social Media

                Recommendations for using professional social media

                • Use the school's email for work-related correspondence.
                • Have separate email accounts for personal life and work.
                • There is no expectation of privacy for professional social media use.
                • Professional social media opportunity- Edmodo

                Recommendations for using personal social media

                • Do not communicate with students on personal social media sites.
                • Use common sense, professional judgment and caution.
                • Keep your personal life separate from your work life.
                • Exam View

                  MCPS teachers have access to ExamView, a test generating software that allows a teacher to create a quiz, test, or exam from an existing bank of test questions.  Teachers can modify existing questions or create their own questions.  Tests created can be saved and reused, or modified, from year to year, saving valuable time and effort.  Tests can be printed in several different versions or published electronically.  Test banks, for most subject areas, are located on a server that all MCPS teachers may access.  

                  Contact your ITRT for specific instructions in using ExamView.

                • School Technology Contacts and Work Orders


                  If you have a problem with a computer or technology equipment, a work order must be submitted. To submit a work order please see your school's technology contact. The work order system is used to provide equitable repairs. Your technician makes repairs to technology equipment based on the work order system.

                  Secondary School Technology Contacts:

                  AMS - Donna Hendricks (Main Office)

                  AHS - April Lester (Media Specialist)

                  BMS - Kelly Passek (Media Specialist)

                  BHS - Becky Hepler (Media Specialist)

                  CMS - Penny Ratcliff (Media Specialist)

                  CHS - Susan Light (Media Specialist)

                  SMS -Alana Adkinson (Main Office)

                  EMHS - Joyce Midkiff (Main Office)

                  Montgomery Central - Larry Lowe (Main Office)

                  Rivendell - Debbie Jones (Main Office)

                  • Technology Equipment


                  • Purchase of Software/Technology Equipment


                  • Power Teacher


                  • onTRAC by Interactive Achievement

                    Benchmark testing for -

                    Middle School Math and Language Arts

                    High School Algebra and Geometry